KPI Analytics for Sustainable Cacao Production


  • Edenjoy A. Manuel


Using the descriptive and developmental design, the study focused on the design, development, and assessment of a web-based KPI
Analytics system for sustainable cacao production in the Philippines in support to the goals and objectives of the 2016-2022
Philippine Cacao Industry Roadmap towards the realization of the 2022 Cacao Challenge. Interviews with DA officials and
documentary analyses of reports were conducted to determine the inputs in the conceptual paradigm of this study as well as to identify
the key performance indicators on cacao production. Dynamic System Development Method framework was utilized as guide in the
development of the KPI Analytics system. Twenty five (25) system evaluators and end users from the academe, DA, ICT program
developers and agriculturists/technicians evaluated the developed system. Findings show the extent of software compliance as
evaluated by the system evaluators based on ISO 25010:2011 criteria. The utilization of the system by the government and the cacao
industry shall serve as mechanism to track the progress of meeting the country’s targets along cacao production. The automated
reporting of production accomplishments shall be an aid for the top management of the Department of Agriculture and the Philippine
National Cacao Industry Council in decision- making and planning