The Role of Trust on Leader in Supporting the Effect of Servant Leadership on Employee Engagement


  • Achmad Faruq Humam, Dian Ekowati


Human resources (HR) is one of the biggest and most important capital that must be managed properly by every
organization. Competent and loyal HR will be able to make a major contribution to the overall success of the
organization. One of the situations that illustrates the strong attachment between HR and the organization is employee
engagement. Some things that are suspected to affect employee engagement are servant leadership and trust on leader.
The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of servant leadership on trust on leaders and employee
engagement as well as the influence of trust on leaders on employee engagement.
This research method uses a positivist or scientific approach using SEM-AMOS analysis techniques. The data
used are primary data distributed to 141 respondents. The results of this study indicate that Servant Leadership has a
significant influence on Trust on Leader, Servant Leadership has a significant influence on Employee Engagement,
Trust on Leader has a significant influence on Employee Engagement and Trust on Leader can mediate Servant
Leadership variables on Employee Engagement.