The effect of underground corrosion on buckling behavior of 316L Stainless Steel columns


  • Lubna Ghalib, Ahmed K. Muhammad , Khalid M. Eweed


In different industrial applications, thousands of alloys have been buried underground. These alloys are subject to axial loading. Due to the difference in environmental conditions, these alloys are suffering from corrosion failures. In this paper, the influence of underground corrosion on the buckling behavior of the 316L stainless steel long column type alloy, under increasing compressive dynamic loads, was investigated experimentally. Compressive buckling tests were carried out on twenty-two columns of 316L stainless steel alloy, eleven of them were non-corroded columns and tests were done under an increased axial dynamical compression loading. The remaining columns were left for 75 days underground before testing. A maximum reduction of 15.1% in critical buckling loading was achieved for the underground columns. This paper presents the theoretical, critical buckling stress of non-corroded and corroded 316L stainless steel alloy using Euler formula, Perry-Robertson formula, and SOLIDWORKS software program. The theoretical results showed good agreement with experimental data of the critical buckling stress.