Design and Implementation of Scapula Locator for Clinical Movement Analysis

  • Haider Abdulqader Ismail, Dr. Sadiq J. Hamandi


The design and implementation of scapula locator device is used to measure the angle of spine curvature required to diagnose the state of patient angles in normal and abnormal conditions. The locator is used to statically capture the orientation of the scapula. Where it was designed using an Acrylic Plastic sheet, copper wires, metallic pins that covered by plastic, a potentiometer, Arduino and an electronic scale, where the electronic component in boxing in an acrylic box. A three pins were attached to one of three positions: near the anterior edge of the acromion process, the Spinous process of C7 (Cervical vertebrae) and the Spinous process of T8 (thoracic vertebrae). The locator was used in no abduction and in 90° humerothoracic abduction. The result compared between  12volunteers: 7 have scoliosis disorder and 5 normal people