Improvement of Swelling Soil by Mixing it with Cement Kiln Dust in Al-Muthanna Governorate, Iraq

  • Mohammad Fadhil Abbasa


From an engineering point of view, the goal is to improve the properties of swelling soil in terms of bearing, swelling index, compaction, and economics. Chemical and/or mechanical techniques may be used to improve the swollen soil. Cement kiln dust (CKD), an industrial product as well as a waste material and less expensive than other materials, may be added to chemical additives to maintain the physical and mechanical properties of swelling soils. The geotechnical characteristics of swelling soil were improved in this study using cement kiln dust (CKD). The dry weight ratios of 3, 6, and 12 are added to soil samples, which are then evaluated to determine their mechanical, physical, and swelling characteristics. The results show that the swelling soil and the 12 percent CKD met the standards and made it suitable for use as a subgrade layer in the buildings of roads and railroads.