Effect of Research and Development Funds on Managing Sales Leads: The case of Commercialisation of Completed Research Project in Enugu State, South-East Nigeria

  • EZE, Fred O., UGWU, Felix Ikechukwu, ORGA, Christopher, ASOGWA, John, OKECHUKWU, Elizabeth, NNAMANI, Emeka


Looking at the perspective of investment theory, financing research and development (R&D) is the starting point in developing and accumulating needed resources in sustaining the survival of an organization. This work seeks out on the effect of Research and Development (R&D) funds on managing sales leads with the commercialization of completed research project in Enugu State as case study. A sample size of 355 staff was drawn from a population of 4680 using Freund and William formula. The study used the survey approach. The primary sources were personal interview and the administration of questionnaire to staff of University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Enugu State Government, 7UP Bottling company, and Coco-cola bottling companies, 9th Mile corner. The reliability was tested using the Pearson correlation coefficient (r). It gave a reliability co-efficient of 0.82 which was also good. The hypotheses were analyzed using Z–test statistic tool. Findings revealed that funds intended for research and development have positive effect on managing sales leads of the industry. This study concludes that funds intended for research and development and innovation activity of the personnel had positive effect on curbing industrial challenges in south east, Nigeria. The study therefore recommends that universities and higher educational centers should try to attract aptitudes to encourage scientific elites to form both a research team as well as development team; and that room should be created for other required circumstances to conduct applied research designs and to tackle social and economic problems.