Arduino and Solar Powered Irrigation System

  • S. D. Laheen, A. Balamanikndan, N. Venkataramanaiah, A. Surendra Reddy


As water supply is becoming scarce in nowadays worldwide there is an urgency of adopting perceptivemethods of irrigation. The paper describes how irrigation can be treated smartly by the usage of Internet of Things. This paperaims at showing how to save time and preventingdifficulties like continuousmonitoring. It also enables in maintaining water providing automatically to the area where water necessities is having. This paper also provesthat it is beneficial not only in agriculture, but also can be implemented toparks and lawns. The objective of this system is to come across the wetness of the soil and starts sprinkling water. This complete information may be sent to the person’s mobile cellphone.

In this project we are using Sensors like DHT11, Soil Moisture which senses the parameters like Temperature, Humidity and soil Dampness. Based on soil Dampness the motor ON and OFF will be done.Those detecteddatawill be uploaded to the thingspeak which is a cloud server which can be seen by the farmer regularly and those values are displayed on LCD. Additionally a message will be sent if any of the sensors crossed their threshold values.