Assessment of Precast Concrete products Installation Problems in Construction Projects

  • Semaa Amer Ghanam, Dr. Abdul Rahman Adnan Ibrahim, Asst. Dr. Muyasar Muhamad Jumma


     Precast concrete products are made in a controlled environment in precast manufacturing companies or temporary precast plants near construction sites. They've been used to solve problems like long construction times and poor quality, as well as to shorten project duration and deliver higher-quality, longer-lasting construction projects, One of the most pressing problems in precast concrete products (walls, columns, beams, and slabs) is the requirement for specialized and skilled labor during the installation and erection processes, which reduces precast element productivity and may result in poor precast quality, especially at the integration and connections for prefabricated concrete parts of building construction. This study will investigate to assess the most significant problems with precast products installation in the construction of building projects. This survey study had successfully identified 11 major problems had successfully identified from the study of the literature and interviews with other professionals, Precast concrete factories. Through correlation and (ANOVA) test analysis, the results of the study from the software program SPSS version 21 showed that difficulties with precast product installation had a high positive correlation association with each other and there are statistically significant differences (at ∝ = 0.05).