Factors Impacting the Occupational Stress of Physical Education Teachers – A Study

  • Dr. I. Devi Vara Prasad, Dr. Vimlesh Tanwar


The present study has made an attempt to examine the occupational stress factors impact on the physical education teacher’s satisfaction level. The applied the convenient sampling and collected the primary data from the teachers who are working in Prakasam district government schools. The study has collected the primary data through the drafted questionnaire and framed the objectives. The study applied the linear regression to know the stress factors impact on the physical education teachers and result found that opportunities for the career development are having the significantly higher impact but lower involvement in the decision making is observed to having the least influence on the satisfaction level. The EFA has been applied and extracted the higher loading factors, which are leading the occupational stress, such as physical education curriculum, responsibilities for pupils safety and relation of co-worker are found to be moderately effect on the stress level. Job insecurity also has shown significant impact and lack of administrative support plays a dominant role on occupation stress level of physical education teachers.