Fuzzy Logic Controller for High Precision Accelerate Torque Control Sensorless BLDC Motor


  • R. Sumathi, P.Mohana, P.Umasankar , S. Manikandan


The idea of this work is to create an effective controller for the Brushless DC motor.  This study suggested a sensorless BLDC motor control with a fuzzy implementation. In this study, a trapezoidal Back-EMF of BLDC motors can be used to determine the rotor position. The Back-EMF is evaluated with the zero-crossing detection technique by the comparator. The position of the rotor is matched in this process at a standstill. At the same time, during orientation, the current in the stator is changed using switching tools. Here, a fuzzy logic based controller is tailored here for precise control of a motor Simulations were carried out for the BLDC motor drive system in MATLAB / SIMULINK to test these proposed control strategies. The simulation results showed that the BLDC motor's speed response can be controlled without sensors and also reduces the ripple of torque. The sensorless drive using the PI controller has a torque ripple of 24.13%, which is reduced significantly to 13.7% of the torque ripple using the proposed fuzzy model. Thus, compared to traditional systems, it is found to be economically good. From the results obtained, it is demonstrated that the sensorless and start-up techniques proposed are ideally suited for automotive fuel pump applications