Null Steering Optimization Based Mvdr Beamformer Using Firefly Algorithm For Adaptive Beamforming Application

  • Suhail N. Shahab, Balasem S. Sumait, Mohammed K. Awsaj, Nurul H. Noordin


Smart antenna array systems have received increasing interest in improving the performance of mobile communications worldwide. A smart antenna system can prevent the not of interest user signals and increase the coverage, capacity, and RF resources. Beamforming technology is used to focus radiating beams towards a specific desired direction at the same time suppressing signals arising from the undesired users' devices. The present paper aims to suppress interference which is a challenging area in the field of the wireless communication system. The proposed approach is based on a combination between Minimum variance Distortionless Response (MVDR) and a modern metaheuristic optimization algorithm applied to the antenna array system. MVDR combined with the Firefly algorithm to enhance the nulling level by controlling the complex weight coefficients basing antenna array in a linear geometry. The assessments of the proposed method are examined with two criteria which are the beampattern accuracy for both azimuth and elevation scanning angles and SINR output. The performance of the MVDRFF is compared with the outcomes of the original MVDR algorithm. The proposed approach successfully found a weight vector with a higher SINR value of the uniform linear arrays to yield the desired shaped beam patterns and to present deep nulls in a specific undesired direction.