Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of the biological activity of pomegranate peel extract /(CuO, NiO) nanocomposites using sol-gel and calcination methods


  • Basim I. Al-Abdaly , Muna Fayik Mushin


This research included the synthesis of nanocomposites consisting of pomegranate peel extract and transition metals oxides (CuO and NiO) at calcination temperatures (500 and 600) ?. These nanocomposites of pomegranate peel extract /(CuO, NiO) were diagnosed using spectroscopic and morphological methods as FTIR, XRD, AFM, SEM and EDX (XRD-analysis) and it was found from their data obtained that the particles of these materials within nanoscale (1-100) nm. As well as such it appears from the surface images as a three-dimensional (3D) images of the AFM for these nanostructures that the metal oxides showed a homogeneous spread on the surface of the pomegranate extract as a matrix of the nanostructures, and it was noted from the experimental results, that the particle size of the nanoparticles obtained from the measurement of the SEM is less compared to the particle size of the nanocomposites obtained from AFM. On the basis of the fact that the extract contains compounds with biological and medical activity, the choice fell on metal oxides that have biological and medical durability and to add them to the extract, that were used to demonstrate the effectiveness of these synthesized nanocomposites the resulting nanocomposites were used to prove their new efficacy against a number of positive and negative bacteria.