Study Of Fiber Movement Outside The Crater Of Pnevmomechanical Spinning Machine

  • Korabayev Sherzod Ahmadjanovich, Matismailov Saypila Lolashbayevich, Yuldashev Alisher Tursunbayevich, Atanbayev Dilmuhammad Davronbek ugli,


The article examines the twisting of the yarn formed in the chamber of a pneumomechanical spinning machine and the distribution of twists along the yarn, which gives the equations of stationary motion of the yarn covering the surface of the funnel. The differential equations of the yarn tension, coverage angle, and external force moments at the funnel pole coordinates were solved on the basis of the Maple program and corresponding connection graphs were obtained. It has been proved that the φ angle is assumed to be close to zero in the value of the selected parameters and thus this angle does not change in the camera rotation.