Factors Influence Sustainability in Quality and Halal Integrity among Halal Food Manufacturers in Malaysia during Covid-19 Pandemic


  • ZunirahMohd Talib , NormyRafida Abdul Rahman , Mohd Lutfi Iskandar ,NormaliniMd Kassim


Halal concept has been a foremost element in the food industry. Many companies in Malaysia
tend to stay in the comfort zone for a long term because they assume that their products are already halal.
The companies that manufacture halal food are taken for granted in maintaining the halal requirement and
standard especially during this covid-19 pandemic. This study aims to identify the contributing factors that
may influence the sustainability in quality and halal integrity of halal food among food manufacturers in
Malaysia during this covid-19 pandemic. The plausible contributing factors are entrepreneurial intensity,
staffing, materials, production process, transportation together with storage which is Halal orientation
strategy that leads to quality and halal integrity in food operation in Malaysia. A survey based on
operational outcomes framework, was distributed to 443 Halal food companies; only 137 responses were
completed and the data were analysed by using SPSS and SMART-PLS3.0 software. The results provide
insights into the sustainability of quality and halal integrity in the halal food operation among food